“I like pictures that fight back.  All parts of the composition must be involved in a total activity.  The work will then stand eternal, indestructible and memorable.”  GUSTAV REHBERGER

"A modern Renaissance man, [Gustav Rehberger] was an artist of exceptional natural capacity for creative and original conceptions and unparalleled versatility.   Internationally acclaimed, Gustav Rehberger was properly called as a 'volcanic expressionist.'   And so he was. Whether working in pencil, pen, gouache or oil, his uncompromising individualism was glaringly evident. Every line, every stroke was charged with a continuous flow of activity; whirling, driving--a blaze of tempests, turbulence, exciting commotion when one would expect the subject to leap off the paper or canvas.

This chromatic fury, however, was not born of sheer imagination. Living images of his childhood, be it a raging flood, a violent storm, overturned wagon or horses on a rampage - all eruptive violence - made such an indelible impression on young Rehberger that throughout his professional career these mental treasures triumphed as a viable source of inspiration."    Julie Charles "Gustav Rehberger 1910–1995." Austria Kultur, July/August 1996.   Read more